meeting trust

One of the exercises that I find most useful in my own life and offer to others who are experiencing emotional stuckness, is to imagine an encounter with a feeling. It may be one that’s bothering us, like grief or frustration, or perhaps it’s one that we’re seeking to encourage; one that doesn’t come so easily to us. The task is to picture the emotion as a character and interact with it. Continue reading “meeting trust”

the girl and the rose

Im a big fan of wonder tales, those tales collected by the Grimm brothers and all their universal variants. They abound all over the world. I adore Georgian fairy tales and those from China and Japan. Im also a big fan of creating our own as healing tales for ourselves and for others. Its something we playfully explore in soul support groups. Heres one I wrote recently after seeing a late and especially fragrant rose blooming in the early morning. Continue reading “the girl and the rose”