deepening towards the heights

In singing high notes we are told, ‘To reach higher, you need to sense the depths’. We also need to be prepared to encounter all kinds of darkness, difficulty and challenge, to express what we lament or regret, as a source for our deep desires to reach upwards and outwards. Continue reading “deepening towards the heights”

meeting trust

One of the exercises that I find most useful in my own life and offer to others who are experiencing emotional stuckness, is to imagine an encounter with a feeling. It may be one that’s bothering us, like grief or frustration, or perhaps it’s one that we’re seeking to encourage; one that doesn’t come so easily to us. The task is to picture the emotion as a character and interact with it. Continue reading “meeting trust”

warts and all…and daffodils


Maybe the warts are what we need?

Maybe the challenge is what we have to face to find out who we are?

Maybe we can’t actually open to tenderness, vulnerability and trust if we haven’t met despair up close and sensed it threaten everything we’ve built?

So, how do we take ourselves from despair to something different? Continue reading “warts and all…and daffodils”

the tyranny of ‘shoulds’

white faced heronToday, I avoided an attack of the ‘shoulds’ and followed my own heart on a long wintry walk along the Dandenong Creek which fortuitously involved cheesecake. As there was no one about, I could happily chat to myself about new projects, practice an upcoming talk, as well as delight in harriers and kestrels, scarlet robins and blue wrens, white faced herons and egrets. Continue reading “the tyranny of ‘shoulds’”