not doing anything

3920818927_db4411b148_mnot doing anything
but fully being
all of me I’m open
to letting healing wash within

and as it washes in
it washes out
a tide of healing
ripples from my
heart its circumference
even though it loses
there is enough
within this wave
to reach across
the world

and as it moves
it slips within
the heart of one I truly love
and two I’ve yet to meet
and five I’ve often met
and billions who are filled
with the same longing
(though they might not know it yet)

and as these hours
of being present
to the pain
of past mistakes
or not mistakes
but what was then allowed to happen
in order that I feel the pain
that prompts my heart
to open
and send these
ripples round the world


we change

Clare Coburn

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the birth of hope

a candle waiting to be lit…

Hope wanted to be born. She wasn’t sure yet if she was a thing or a being, and in the state she was in—not yet manifest as she was—well it didn’t really matter. All she knew was that she was needed urgently on earth. Very urgently. Strange things had been happening. Peculiar people had been chosen to be leaders. Fear was stalking the land, sending out messages in 140 characters until its mistruths took root in people’s hearts. Continue reading “the birth of hope”

celebrating the cup

melbourne-cupWhich cup? Well, we’re in Melbourne so there’s a horse race on tomorrow. One that supposedly stops a nation. There is something about the longing for festivity and dressing up and making an occasion of something which I completely understand. It’s a race for stayers (persistent horses who can gallop a long distance) where the winner receives an 18 carat golden cup. Continue reading “celebrating the cup”

intangible souvenirs

chairs at bass hill This week I beat a retreat to Bass Hill hermitage. It was perfect for several reasons—within a couple of hours of home, it provided a few days of solitude and quiet and they generously offer a truly affordable single person’s price.

While I was there, I decided on a semi-silent retreat. I would keep quiet and resist answering emails or fiddling with my phone or laptop. Continue reading “intangible souvenirs”