do I really have to change?


Change is what we’re here for. Transformation. Development. Our souls always sending out some desire for something new which leads us towards change if we let it. Or we bump into unexpected circumstances that require us to become more truly ourselves by leaving behind what’s old. Continue reading “do I really have to change?”

warts and all…and daffodils


Maybe the warts are what we need?

Maybe the challenge is what we have to face to find out who we are?

Maybe we can’t actually open to tenderness, vulnerability and trust if we haven’t met despair up close and sensed it threaten everything we’ve built?

So, how do we take ourselves from despair to something different? Continue reading “warts and all…and daffodils”

a little first aid for the soul (II)

DSC_0038It’s important to cherish warmth of heart especially when life feels tough or a little wintry. Developing our capacity to centre ourselves in our hearts so that our activity and our thinking is warmed by what we experience in the sphere of connection, of love, of courage, is part of our contemporary human challenge. If we become too isolated in our clever, controlling heads we can be prone to judgment and criticism, forever seeing the world, ourselves and especially others as ‘not quite right’ in ways that definitely need fixing. And isn’t it remarkable the way we can see the shortfalls of others so much more easily than our own. Continue reading “a little first aid for the soul (II)”

a little first aid for the soul (I)

Ascending_Mt_Feathertop_StevageI am so distant from the hope of myself
in which I have goodness and discernment
and never hurry through the world
but walk slowly and bow often.’

Mary Oliver from ‘When I am among the trees’

Perhaps we wouldn’t be here on earth if we didn’t have a bit of distance between our current selves and our hopes of our selves. Continue reading “a little first aid for the soul (I)”