meeting trust

One of the exercises that I find most useful in my own life and offer to others who are experiencing emotional stuckness, is to imagine an encounter with a feeling. It may be one that’s bothering us, like grief or frustration, or perhaps it’s one that we’re seeking to encourage; one that doesn’t come so easily to us. The task is to picture the emotion as a character and interact with it. Continue reading “meeting trust”

the birth of hope

a candle waiting to be lit…

Hope wanted to be born. She wasn’t sure yet if she was a thing or a being, and in the state she was in—not yet manifest as she was—well it didn’t really matter. All she knew was that she was needed urgently on earth. Very urgently. Strange things had been happening. Peculiar people had been chosen to be leaders. Fear was stalking the land, sending out messages in 140 characters until its mistruths took root in people’s hearts. Continue reading “the birth of hope”

soul washing

handkerchiefs: receptacles for soul washing?

I’m trying to reclaim the soul, so this exploration of aspects of soul is part of my attempt to articulate this mysterious region. We know about it, we feel it, we sense it, but our thinking-obsessed culture keeps restricting human experience to the brain, to the mind, as though human beings don’t exist beneath the neck. Continue reading “soul washing”