warts and all…and daffodils


Maybe the warts are what we need?

Maybe the challenge is what we have to face to find out who we are?

Maybe we can’t actually open to tenderness, vulnerability and trust if we haven’t met despair up close and sensed it threaten everything we’ve built?

So, how do we take ourselves from despair to something different? Continue reading “warts and all…and daffodils”

against indignation

compassionIn January 2015 I attended some training in teaching skills that was both thorough and helpful. It was a pressure cooker of a course, high on intellectual and practical demands and a little short on emotional care and reflection. At the end of the course, one of the other students said to me, ‘You know, I really appreciate what you taught me.’ I felt a little burst of self-regard—she must have been impressed with one of my newly acquired teaching strategies! Continue reading “against indignation”