deepening towards the heights

In singing high notes we are told, ‘To reach higher, you need to sense the depths’. We also need to be prepared to encounter all kinds of darkness, difficulty and challenge, to express what we lament or regret, as a source for our deep desires to reach upwards and outwards. Continue reading “deepening towards the heights”


How do I transform feelings of anger, from politics, social justice, the place of the modern homemaker, employment inequality; how do I transform these feelings into something tangible and adequate to make change even within my own self, home, community? 

Homemaker in the hills

More than ever before we are aware of what is going on in the world, Homemaker in the hills. Continue reading “transformation”

celebrating the cup

melbourne-cupWhich cup? Well, we’re in Melbourne so there’s a horse race on tomorrow. One that supposedly stops a nation. There is something about the longing for festivity and dressing up and making an occasion of something which I completely understand. It’s a race for stayers (persistent horses who can gallop a long distance) where the winner receives an 18 carat golden cup. Continue reading “celebrating the cup”