In my occasional series of ‘word pilgrim’ explorations, a small group gathers to ponder their lives through the power of words. The truthfulness and imaginative simplicity of what emerges in these classes is always a pleasure and touches on the sacred.

One of the exercises which delights us is to undertake a collaborative task where we respond to prompts that I give around the day’s theme. We then fold the page so that we leave room for…well, for serendipity, for spirit, for source, however you like to frame it, to enter the conversation. Each person contributes without knowing what the previous person has written and we welcome synchronicity.

persist 1

Yesterday, our theme was persistence, so I offered the following prompts:

When I persist…
I feel…
I see…
and then…

persist 2

Giving ourselves over to the group, the prompts, and the relief of not knowing and trusting our own instincts always creates wisdom. It’s a great reminder about what we can dare in our lives.

persist 3

Our next series of word pilgrim classes will start on 19 October. Come and risk being transformed by your own and others’ wisdom.

2 thoughts on “serendipity”

    1. Yes, my exercises have taken off from Paul Matthew’s examples. And I love pondering how I can welcome more serendipity through this kind of trust and openness in other writing and of course, in life, where I’m so much more practiced at trying to second-guess everything…

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