Some of my regular blog followers may remember that a year or so ago I released my bonsai olive tree into a larger pot. This was very successful and in its excitement, the tree bore two fruit and a hsmall-olives.jpgost of small olives that either fell off or stayed very tiny. I joked about choosing which of the larger olives I would pickle and which one would be squeezed for oil, but I was relieved of that decision a week or so ago by the possum who preferred them fresh from the tree.

On the weekend, an elderly pittosporum which had been slowly suffering from borer and was dying was cut down to its wrinkled elephantine trunk and a few bare branches. Before I decide which creepers I will grow up the newly exposed trunk (any suggestions for something fast growing welcome), I turned to my little fruitless olive and gave it a larger pot.

I think it’s grateful.


In a timely reminder of the importance of expansion, a New Zealand friend, currently in England let me know that she used a poem of mine in a sacred poetry workshop on the weekend. I felt a bit in awe and extremely delighted that something I wrote was shared in the company of  work from poets like Mary Oliver and Gerard Manley Hopkins.

The poem is ‘expand‘.

Open your heart wide enough
to span
the challenge that disquiets you,
the task you yearn towards,
and all your feeble efforts to grow beyond
a small view of yourself.

Forgive your frailty;
hold yourself in the cup
of a confidence
you barely comprehend.

The world will keep inviting you to join its dance,
hearken to the music,
choose your companions,
step lightly towards a future
where your intention greets a grateful world.

Clare Coburn



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