warts and all…and daffodils


Maybe the warts are what we need?

Maybe the challenge is what we have to face to find out who we are?

Maybe we can’t actually open to tenderness, vulnerability and trust if we haven’t met despair up close and sensed it threaten everything we’ve built?

So, how do we take ourselves from despair to something different?

How do we move beyond the challenges in our lives and into the space of equanimity where love and wisdom can guide us?

How do we find even glimpses of peace when there is so much chaos in the world, in our relationships, in our families?

How do we let in what will help us?

Yes, you’ve got it.

We keep asking questions

…and then?

Well, we listen

…to the weariness, the downheartedness, the fears.

And we listen to what meets us in the morning.

And to what we discover through the day.

And to what brings us joy.

With a sprinkling of curiosity, a dash of compassion, a smidgen of courage and a very, very generous spoonful of patience. Oh, and humour, a whole ladleful of laughter.

Yes, I know, I haven’t forgotten forgiveness (mostly of ourselves but also of those very warty others).  How much you ask? There’s probably not a big enough spoon for all the forgiveness we need. We can settle on whatever we can manage of an infinitude; some days it’s a drop, other days it’s an ocean, but I’m sure it’s liquid and it spreads far.

Then we can ‘put somebody up’ instead of putting them down.

We can hear our encouraging wise voice as well as our noisy critical voices.

We find our way to the right solution to the sticky problem.

And after all of that, we can even turn our tiny daffodil faces towards the sun and risk blossoming. (My miniature daffodils are doing just that).




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