what is needed now?

cirrus clouds on WednesdayThis is one question I’m trying to ask more regularly. When I’m stuck, when I just don’t know, when I feel reactive rather than creative, when I’m tired; the question moves me away from a narrow frame towards one that includes the world, the others I’m with, the situation I’m confronting.

It leans towards the future whilst staying anchored in the present. It lets me take a sacred pause, gaze up at the sky, consult my wise self, laugh, cry, have a bath, or move a little slantwise from a dilemma so I can perceive some different angles.

And the answer may be as simple as a bowl of soup or a cup of tea, or as complex as a new life direction or a fresh project. More questions in the same vein can follow but this question guarantees that I will refuse the habitual, unless, of course, the habit is what’s needed, and listen beyond the personal, although including what is best for me as well.

I think somebody taught me this question a long time ago and I’m only just beginning to get the hang of it. So, if that somebody was you, let me know and I would love to thank  you in person.

It’s been so helpful especially after a fruitful morning when what was needed was cauliflower soup for lunch. It’s ready, so I’m going to go and sip it with some delicious rye and spelt sourdough bread.

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