getting our message across

two people talkI realised I hadn’t quite got my message across when somebody I thought knew my work quite well, said, ‘I wish you were still offering individual sessions, Ive been going to counselling but it’s nowhere near as effective as what you used to offer.’
‘But I do still offer individual sessions,’ I assured her, a little surprised that she hadnt religiously followed every tweak of my website or picked up on the changes in the business cards I have yet to distribute.
She was delighted. After we chatted about what she needs, it seemed as though joining a group will suit her better right now, but she knows she can book an individual session any time.
It’s made me think about shyness, and the way we sometimes hide what we most love. Or fail to tell people what we are most enthusiastic about sharing.
So, here goes… I love working one to one with people as it offers powerful results. Seeing the insights and fresh ideas that arise when people are courageous enough to articulate and then tackle some of the big issues in their lives is inspiring for both of us.
The metaphors and images that emerge when I guide clients in a little creative exploration of their situation can lead them into new ways of considering their situation. This usually happens after identifying themes in what is often a very cathartic conversation or series of conversations.
So, I want to remind people who have a little emotional stuckness (or a lot) that I’m available to guide you (or someone you know) to emerge creatively from whatever it is that is keeping you stuck.
My soul support page tells you more about what it is that I do. People who have worked with me have reported on how much it has helped them on the praise page (which makes me very chuffed).

As well as individual sessions, I  offer regular writing for wellbeing groups on Thursday afternoon and evening. There are still spaces in the Thursday evening group for this term—pay according to your sense of its value and what you can afford, between $20 and $40 per session.

And maybe there’s a message you need to get across a little more clearly? Let the world know what it is you want to offer without hiding that light or concealing what delights you. Frederick Buechner reminds us that ‘purpose is where our deep gladness meets the world’s needs’. (But, there’s a small catch: it can be hard to find out what the world needs unless we reveal our deep gladness first.)

carla van den heuvel-ruselier listeningOne of the big themes in any kind of transformative work is the need to listen
This sculpture by Carla Van Den Heuvel captures the gesture of deep listening. Two people sit side by side. They bend towards each other to honour what is being spoken. It feels as though maybe there’s an old story being revealed here; a precious story. That takes courage. And the capacity of the listener to hear from the heart.


Since you don’t look with eyes
but see by heart,
Since you are not listening with ears
but hear by heart,
Since you touch the world with heart
instead of hands,
Since your heart
has seeing and hearing sense,
the more frequently it hurts.
Because your heart,
that has the sense of
seeing and hearing
shall never cease to ache,
you are saved.

Janis Baltvilks
(translated by Ligsma Kirpe)

stories of strong women image

And for those who want to celebrate World storytelling day, there are stories of strong women at Readings, St Kilda on Sunday 20 March at 4.30pm. I will be sharing a favourite and there will be lots of other stories and storytellers too. Oh, and the Wholehearted story circle is Monday 7 March, 7-9pm at 319 Auburn Rd, Hawthorn. Come along and share stories, images and metaphors.

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