into light

first person functional

hamilton-island-585659_640Drag myself through the colours of mood
spectrum of small delight
buried in a wish I hadn’t, had, hadn’t…
so I sit here on the edge
of some new version of myself
and wonder why it’s hard to marshal
my thoughts out of dark places
so I may welcome light.

This time of year
the light is long and so insistent
it creeps into corners
illuminating old regrets—
the light beams on them so
you can’t ignore them any longer.
Wrap them in Christmas paper?
Hide them among the gifts,
all those many gifts,
pretend that they do not exist.

We cannot—
we must turn towards the light
even the buried darknesses
of lives beyond our lives—
we need to feel their sorrow
yet sanction a forgiveness
we can hardly feel
and turn towards tomorrow
calling, calling:
Sun, sun,
light even this dim darkness into bright
sharp resonance
so we may surge a little forward
and risk forgetting nothing.

With gratitude for all who have encouraged, supported and challenged me last year and to Helen Branton for suggesting I publish this poem now. Thanks also to the photographer who captured this image of a Hamilton Island sunset.

Courageous new year! May 2016 bring us all the curiosity to explore what lingers in our blind spots, obscuring what needs to be seen in our own lives and the world. Let us welcome light!

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