stay right here

candle and petalsstay right here
refuse the sentimental ending
the one that longs to give
a conclusion
that is hopeful, helpful, happy
(it’s always that and never that)

helpful to begin our deep and difficult journey
getting past the litter
sub-personality fragments
neuroses and compulsions
the habits that we’ve clung to
the ones that cling to us

yet they distract us
as does helpfulness,
ungrounded hopefulness

we will be more helpful, hopeful
we’ll welcome joy and deep delight
if we refuse to be distracted
and face difficulty and depth
not in brutal confrontation
but with ferocious gentleness—
the kind a mother brings
who’s wise enough to know
it’s more complex
than happily ever after
just see the ending isn’t there—
it’s over here

(My craft-loving, storytelling friend Jo, suggested I blog this when I read it to her as a belated birthday gift.)

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