toadstool healing

Red toadstool by Gavin Anderson
Red toadstool by Gavin Anderson

Some afternoon whimsy after conversations about our pesky self-doubts…and after listening to the frog who featured in my blog last year. He — well I’ve decided he’s a he — has a mate in the courtyard somewhere. They chirrup to each other occasionally on this damp afternoon.


in the orthodontist’s garden there’s a toadstool absconding from a fairy tale—
I wonder does a goblin linger there?
in the afternoon when weariness assails me
I sip a golden tea of cassia and turmeric and sundry sunny herbs
the kind of brew a fairy herbalist prescribes

but only if I promise her I’ll hearken to her wisdom
and only if I say I’ll stop whatever foolish nonsense
my mind is playing back to me that day; something ridiculous
such as the notion I could never ever know enough or be enough
when fairies, goblins, every living being
whether visible to everyone or persuaded to existence by my insistent fancy
knows that truly, really, simply isn’t so

the frog chirping ‘neath my window is so utterly himself
he lacks human fears and doubts to hold him back
so he trusts that all his chirruping will bring him what he needs—

and I declare to frogs and fairies, goblins, seen and unseen creatures
that I’ll trust myself exactly as they do
as I savour every sipful of this healing golden brew

Clare Coburn


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