equanimously ever after?

rembrandt etching 1642When we are seeking to transform aspects of our being, we need the courage and strength to be present to our old stories without getting hooked. Perhaps we can allow them in like a parent welcoming a prodigal child, trusting that they will transform. An article on habit changing I received via ‘daily good’, suggests it’s a matter of one step at a time: macro vision, micro movement. Not just having the image of where we want to be, but seeing ourselves able to be with our old stories and yet choose the new habit, the new story, the new way of behaving–whether it’s doing more exercise, practicing daily meditation, or avoiding raspberry and white chocolate muffins. Once we’ve grown a bit more conscious, ‘happily ever after’ is not quite right, instead ‘equanimously ever after’, although a bit of a mouthful, is more like it.

Once we’ve envisaged the ‘bliss’ of a healthier body or mind, work that is more in tune with our souls, or a relationship that brings us joy, it doesn’t mean that we won’t continue to be surrounded by challenges. In the verse below, I really like the way we may find our fate, our star, our goals in life, but once we do then life becomes more arduous as well as more abundant and radiant. It’s no ‘get rich quick’ scheme. Deepening in consciousness requires deepening and stretching parts of ourselves into new spaces–good spaces, abundant spaces, but challenging spaces too.

Unfortunately the  paradigm of ‘I’ve dealt with that’ now, so I can get on with being perfect, won’t cut it. We don’t just erase our old stories, the themes in our life that seem to cling to us, once we have done some inner work, no matter how intense or ‘successful’. Our ‘old stories’ will dig in until we have found the inner resources, and spiritual support, just to observe them and not get hooked. We can remind ourselves, in the way that suits us (prayer, meditation, devotional activity) to allow and encourage the spiritual forces that will help us. The old stories can still arise, but with a combination our own courage, consciousness and strength, and the support of whatever we can receive from divine sources, we can let them go with equanimity.

The wishes of the soul are springing,
The deeds of the will are thriving,
The fruits of life are maturing.

I feel my fate,
My fate finds me.
I feel my star,
My star finds me.
I feel my goals in life,
My goals in life are finding me.
My soul and the great World are One.

Life grows more radiant around me,
Life grows more arduous for me,
Grows more abundant within me.

(Rudolf Steiner)

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