homeopathic poetry

For me, poetry is the homeopathhandcraft stary of writing practice. What could take thousands of convoluted words to explain in prose can be captured with precision and brevity in a poem. Poets hearken to the essence of an experience to convey it to themselves and others.

Like homeopathy, I believe poetry can act in mysterious ways, scoffed at by contemporary science, but palpable to its practitioners, readers, and listeners. Lovers of poetry may find healing through the words.

navigating my way across the boundless ocean of the soul
through a thickening mist
I cling to the mast of my body holding me upright
bearing witness to the things I must attend to
the promptings of hunger, desire and sickness shifting my course

finally mists dissolve and clouds lift—
after weeks or months or years of blindness,  I can see my star

Clare Coburn

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