choose now

Winter morning walksAfter a period of illness, I was inspired by ‘Winter Morning Walks’ a song cycle composed by Maria Schneider and performed by Dawn Upshaw with the Australian Chamber Orchestra. In my first outing for almost a month, I heard them perform in Melbourne last Sunday. It was glorious. The songs are based on poems by Ted Kooser, nine of 100 that he wrote on postcards to his friend Jim Harrison, during his recovery from much more serious illness than mine–surgery and radiation for cancer. He took daily walks in the early morning. He needed to avoid the the sun, but in that transient time between darkness and light, he  captured images and sensations blessed by dawn.

In this week, as wellness returns, as I gather up the messages of illness, those strange gifts that pierce through the languour and discomfort if I choose to listen, I have started writing a daily poem too. I have posted my poems not to one friend, but to a different one each day. As a way of healing, as a way of letting go, of creating and celebrating. And today, the poem comes to you. You can listen to me speak it on my crackly little voice recorder: choose now