habit renovation

I love it when a new term is coined as part of a conversation. Yesterday during a workshop on radical receptivity in resilient Christchurch, I came up with the notion of habit renovation. We were talking about listening within and noticing what is going on inside our souls to enable us to listen to others. When I listen to myself with the kind of attention a wise grandmother would offer, I notice my dreams and wishes, my beliefs and values and also my outmoded prejudices, my outdated habits and the kchc wallinds of obstacles that trip me up from offering myself more generously in how I converse with others and the ways I act in the world.

So, as we approach summer in the Southern hemisphere, the last of our spring cleaning may include a little habit renovation. You know the ones, they may have been around for a few decades and well, maybe like flock wallpaper they will come into fashion again but hmm, maybe not. I know I’m a little tired of the habit of self-doubt first, the habit of judgement of myself and others, my pattern of preferring to gossip or complain rather than curiously explore possibilities and listen generously to difference, even extreme difference. And there are new habits in the colour charts to choose from. I’m going to paint myself in optimistic yellow, confident green, tolerant purple.