authentic voice

when women were birdsI don’t like to blog too often but awake in the wee small hours I turned on the radio and heard Terry Tempest Williams whose work I have long admired. Such early morning serendipity! In this interview she talks about a mysterious bequest from her mother and riffs on receptivity, learning from challenge, finding an authentic voice and listening to each other. I want to share this because I don’t know how long you will be able to listen for free courtesy of Radio National. You can also purchase it from New Dimensions.

finding voice for authentic conversation

I’ve also ordered her book When women were birds because this kind of inspiration is precious. I love the way she talks about the poetic sensibility and the power of authentic speaking in a time when legal, economic and political voices are seemingly more powerful. She reminds us:

…when we speak from our hearts in the act or gesture of compassion, that too is tied to the spirit and it’s embodied language.

She has inspired me to practice just a little more of that compassionate speaking from my heart, to seek to embody my beliefs and values.