storytelling opportunities

abound if we let them 

ben okriWe can find ways to tell stories we love, stories about our selves that allow others to see us more truly, and stories about the things we yearn for in the world.

I slip in the occasional story when teaching in conflict resolution with juris doctor and law students; stories from my own life or stories like ‘The real meaning of peace‘. Peace requires more vulnerability, courage and openness than we often think possible.

Recently someone challenged me to consider risk at this time of the year: for me that meant risking being more true to myself, noticing the feelings that surge through me, the stories I tell myself and risking revealing the truth more often. See the bottom of the blog for more on this topic—but don’t skip anything!

story playshop

Very exciting news, I am launching ‘last friday of the month story playshop’ from 7-9.30pm on 26 April. Please come along.Here are the details: Story playshop

story listening

You can now book an appointment with me for individual work listening to your life story, addressing conflicts, challenges or questions. See the story listening info or contact me to talk about whether it’s right for you.

book launch

In New Zealand at the wonderful ‘In the belly of the whale’ storytelling festival on 9 March, Sue Hollingsworth and Ashley Ramsden of the International School of Storytelling launched their book, The Storyteller’s Way: a sourcebook for inspired storytelling. You may want to buy it for the wide range of exercises, the stories, the glimmers of story wisdom or the quotes on every page. Find a copy for yourself.

stories shared

In Melbourne, Enchanted Evening on 24 March 7pm, $29, features Niki na Meadhra, Teena Hartnett, and Anita Hustas, Book your ticket via trybooking

and that’s probably more than enough—congratulations if you’ve reached the bottom of the blog, you deserve something special. A small dose of wisdom from John Paul Lederach who says: reach out to those you fear, touch the heart of complexity, imagine beyond what is seen, risk vulnerability one step at a time. 

Happy risking!