potent silence

Sometimes we yearn for times of silence and reflection and when they come, they quench our busy souls. On the weekend of 5, 6 and 7 August, Gill Jones and I led a workshop that we called ‘All of me: bringing all that I am to what I do’.

What I loved most was observing the joy of silence. There was fruitful silence as participants created collages, sand trays and colourful maps–the silence of souls nourished with images, colours, patterns and shapes to honour joy and suffering and to inspire fresh growth. There was potent silence when someone risked vulnerability and found authenticity. There was inspired silence as we heard a poem or a story spoken into the room and sat with the sounds and images in quiet reverence.

Welcoming silence in our lives is important. I want to allow rich pools of silence to punctuate my activity, to play among my words, to accompany me and those I love in our conversations. I will listen for the silence and treasure its spaciousness.