the power of vulnerability

How wonderful to find a celebration of wholeheartedness and what it takes to achieve it, in this TED talk by Brené Brown on vulnerability. All that I have seen in working with conflict, difference and mediation has demonstrated the power of revealing the tender parts of ourselves. I know the changes in understanding that may result when we risk  revelation of our imperfect and struggling selves.

A favourite writer and practitioner in the realm of conflict, John Paul Lederach, enjoins us to:

Reach out to those you fear.
Imagine beyond what is seen.
Touch the heart of complexity.
Risk vulnerability one step at a time.

I want to practice taking those risks in my own life knowing that they don’t always or perhaps ever work in quite the way you anticipate. I want to support and encourage those I know and love to move towards greater vulnerability. I have witnessed the sweetness that emerges and the complexity that dissolves, at least a little, when we let our true selves speak.