mutual support

Today I met with two friends in our newly formed Self Developed Project Support Group. SDPSG is a clumsy acronym so we await something more elegant.

We met at a new and precious jewel of a café, Tana, at 36 Church Street, Hawthorn. One of the SDPSG’s sons is chief barista. There is a sense of honour and respect in everything he and the two Japanese co-owners have created in the charming space.

Sample their matcha latte just for the pleasure of the bamboo brush. My strong latte was perfectly made. And if you’re a Savignac fan you’ll love the artwork on the shelves. The food is simple and sustaining.

The SDSPG group is only two weeks into its process but already it feels fruitful. One of our group realised that she needs to honour all that she has already achieved. She aims to create a space for new things to emerge by appreciating all of her rich past. Framing some of her neglected artwork is a first step.

Another member has just enjoyed the blessings of serendipity, finding a letter rich with humour that will inspire new aspects of her writing project.

And me, well, I have used my train journeys to combine staring out the window with listening to the ideas that bubble up about combining storytelling, listening, conflict and communication in a project that excites me.

As a group we are supporting each other to cast our intentions into the future and to follow the threads of delight, synchronicity and challenge with as little fear and as many micro-movements as needed.