listening sisters

What happens when we allow ourselves to listen to each other to encourage healing and new perspectives? A friend in Wellington gathers regularly with a group of ‘listening sisters’ to allow some time to explore what they are up to and where they are headed. At one member’s rural retreat, they spend a day devoted to listening. Selecting images that represent different aspects of their being, each person can use these images to frame their exploration. The other ‘sisters’ simply attend to the storyteller with as much presence as they can muster.

Deeply personal stories shimmer in the shared space. We hear of pain and triumph, challenge and possibility. Images become talismans, metaphors and promises. At the end of each person’s telling, a few questions or observations prompt further exploration.

I was welcomed to this gathering of listening sisters on 20 March and hope to return regularly to have my life’s journey witnessed in such a deep and honouring way and to enjoy the wonder of watching others grow and change.