humanly present

When discussing the work of a government social services department, one dedicated director used the term humanly present. She wanted the people who worked in her area to allow themselves to be fully human in their interactions and not limited by their habits, patterns or prejudices. I loved the term, and a friend and I have used it as a theme for some training we are preparing.

To be humanly present, we need to be open to ourselves and to all those we meet. We need to be aware of our own frames of reference and our prejudices–even the quirky ones. I sometimes talk about my experience of mediating with two people in a workplace setting. The man had  a tightly buttoned shirt and little tufts of belly hair sprouted between the buttons.

I made myself notice this little foible and tune in to my own reaction. Then I relaxed into being as humanly present as I could manage so I could listen to the unfolding story between these two other humans.

Wishing us all the capacity to be as humanly present as possible with everyone we come across.