inspiring teachers

I have had several truly inspiring teachers during my life. One of the first was Mrs Bligh, a teacher I had in the so-called ‘Country Infant Room’ at Antonio Park Primary School where three year levels combined under her wise and encouraging leadership. She seemed to elicit learning easily, to foster our talents, and listen to our ideas. For two years I blossomed in her class where I wrote some of my first poetry and short stories. She didn’t say much about them but she would pin them on the notice board on the back wall.

Some years ago, I first came across Ashley Ramsden at a workshop in Melbourne. I was struck by the way he seemed to surf the waves of trust in his ability to skilfully and playfully match activities with the needs of the participants. He has the kind of intuition that I yearn to emulate in my teaching. I later spent five weeks in Cape Town on a course with Ashley and Sue Hollingsworth, another deeply impressive teacher of storytelling and other life skills.

Ashley will be returning to Melbourne in April, as well as visiting Perth. Come along to one of his workshops to experience a master storyteller and teacher whose ideas and method of teaching will inspire you no matter where you work. More details on the events page.