inner mediation

I was talking with a friend and colleague about the way that we sometimes need to mediate between competing aspects of ourselves.

Very often for me, this means I need to assess what is in my heart as opposed to obeying only what my head is telling me is sensible, logical and necessary. It also means that I can resist complying with the more reactive parts of my being that are often motivated by fear or anxiety.

If I can invoke my inner mediator, she is wise enough to listen to all the sides of the story. She won’t discount my mind’s insistence on logic or reason, and will patiently acknowledge my reactivity without getting swept up in anything rash.

She will also encourage my heart, who is often more reticent, to speak her truth–especially as she’s very often right.

Inviting contributions from my inner mediator fosters my inner wisdom and encourages collaboration between the different aspects of my being. It only takes a moment and I know she’s keen to help!

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  1. Hi Clare, very impressed with your website – you keep moving on and on. The ‘Listening Sisters’ sound especially interesting. Love T

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