back from melbourne

Very much warmed by all the storytelling events that happened in Melbourne during my recent visit. A huge thanks to all who came along to ‘tales of courage from the heart’ and shared some wonderful stories and the eloquent cello and flute that Gotthard improvised to accompany me. Also thanks to the enthusiastic participants in ‘tell it from the heart’.

Another burst of gratitude to Andrew Rixon for organising the ‘celebrating story’ conference, a fascinating mix of people working with story and narrative in organisations, community and for change. Inspiring stuff especially Julie Perrin and Hilde Knottenbelt’s wonderful workshops and Melbourne Playback Theatre’s extraordinary work.

Wonderful too to meet people taking the Transformative Conflict course with Jim Cyngler and working with listening to stories of diversity and difference in ways that promote more peaceful decisions.

Busy planning my return to the city of cafes and culture and weather. I’m also very happy to be a godmother to young Eva with a wonderful other godmother.